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The Different Kinds Of Spinal Surgery

A neurosurgeon is a trained expert who carries out surgeries of the spine. Procedures include oncologic spine surgery, discectomy, fusion, interspinous spacers, lumbar spine surgery, spinal fracture surgery and back surgery. When one experiences pain in the lower back, you may hear a doctor say that they need a lumbar decompression or a lumbar fusion. Lumbar decompression helps to treat pain that is caused as a result of nerve root pinching.
Decompression surgery usually takes out a small portion of the bone to relieve pinching of the nerve and this reduces pain for a patient.

Lumbar fusion is carried out on patients with lumbar degenerative disc disease. A procedure which involves using a bone graft for paining vertebral segment and halts the motion is called a spinal fusion surgery.

When motion is restricted in a part of the spine by linking together two or more vertebrae, this procedure is called a spine fusion surgery. Fusion can be carried out in the front and back of the spine for greater stability. Patients who want reduced pain, fast recovery, and small incisions can undergo a minimally invasive spine fusion surgery.

A discectomy helps to relieve pressure on the nerves by taking out a herniated disc or part of a herniated disc. Neurosurgeons who perform the surgery may use special retractors, an operating microscope, and instruments that cause less trauma to the normal anatomy of the spine through use of a small incision. This ensures a quick recovery for patients who can go back to work and their daily activities quickly.

Treatment of the central nervous system, spinal column disease and peripheral nervous system can be done through neurosurgery. Spinal stenosis can be treated with interspinous spacers. Shorter surgical procedures are possible through the use of interspinous spacer devices for patients.

The removal of arthritic bone spurs is a surgical procedure that is called laminectomy and it helps to lower the pressure on the spinal nerve. Not all patients have to undergo fusion operation because they have the option of undergoing a non fusion operation. A procedure that uses flexible materials is known as a posterior dynamic stabilization and it gives a spine natural motion.

Oncologic spine surgery is used to treat metastatic disease. Experienced neurosurgeons are the best for treating spinal injury and carrying out spinal surgeries. Osteoporosis and pathological fractures can be treated by vertebral augmentation surgery. Degenerative disc disease causes one to undergo multi-level spinal fusion surgery.

Surgery provides relief to patients who have pains in different levels of the back.

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